As a proud citizen of the City of Monroe, I feel it my civic duty to stay informed on important issues which directly and adversely affect its taxpayers. My employment background is in utilities, as I am retired from an Electric Utility Company. For this reason, I am aware of the workings of this industry.

The City of Monroe, Don Mitchell and his staff does a good job of training its journeymen/lineman for its Electric Department, so much so that other utility companies covet their training and hire them away from Monroe. This is because other utilities have a considerably higher pay scale and better benefits. This also applies to all other departments.

The results are as follows: Taxpayer money pays to train these highly skilled and valuable Employees for the indirect benefit of other entities. There is a shortage of journeymen in the City of Monroe. This causes delays in responding to calls for service restoration after storms, etc. Business and Industry customer also face down time at plants and serious loss of profits. All of this impacts quality of life for all citizens of Monroe.

The only way to stop this never ending cycle of training and losing skilled employees to other Utility companies is to update wages and benefits to a more comparable, competitive scale. I respectfully ask that this option be considered.

Dottie Nash is running for City Council. She has my vote. While Dottie and I don’t always agree on issues, she has the best interests of the hard-working citizens as her mission statement. She would strive to represent all of Monroe and not just one area. I hope voter turnout will be heavy and that you will give Dottie the privilege of serving.

Thank you.

Kenneth Graham

301 Tucker St.

Monroe, 28110