Indian Trail’s time is coming

November 2015 will prove to be a pivotal election for the Town of Indian Trail. We have many progressive opportunities on our radar that will make us a world class destination for not just new residents but for new retailers, businesses, dining venues, professional and corporate offices. Indian Trail may be over 108 years old, but we are just beginning to come into our own. We have in place a strong, professional, educated and talented administrative team that oversees the day to day operations of running our town. I am constantly impressed with their ability and perception of what this town can be. All I have to do to prove that point is to ask anyone to look back five or six years to see how far that we have come. We are located on the fringe of one of the most powerful financial powerhouses in the world and the opportunity for the spillover development of new horizons is phenomenal. We must seize the day and realize our unique and good luck and use wisdom and good judgement as we move forward.

Our time has come and we are coming of age and it is time that we act like it. I have the dirt of this county and town in my veins and soul and I’m more than tired of seeing that dirt thrown instead of being cultivated, especially in our local political regime. When one accepts a responsibility one is expected to perform and act responsibly. When one is elected to a position, the intensity of trust in that elected individual is intensified and is constantly under scrutiny. It is time to change the face of our current town council thus changing our destiny for what we deserve, not for what others seek to deny us. Fiscal responsibility is not an issue for us. We consistently come in above the mark in audits, bond ratings and creditworthiness. We do not hire reckless staff in Indian Trail. We should not elect reckless and shortsighted people. Integrity and character are critical considerations in our upcoming November elections as is experience, the ability to communicate and make mature and informed decisions. For Indian Trail’s mayor there is no doubt that the clear choice is Dr. Roger Fish. Those that campaign for and with him will have my vote and support. I look forward to working hard to reward our town with the leadership it deserves without worrying about what others may try to throw my way to discourage me. I will continue to pray for them ever fervently, saddened by their lack of enthusiasm, vision and originality.

Steven C. “Chipper” Long

Indian Trail

I feared for safety of others

Yes, I did ask all women and children to leave the Civic building based on what I had read in an letter to the editor Carlton Aldrich had submitted to the Enquirer Journal two years prior to the Council meeting. In that letter, Mr. Aldrich wrote how Robert Allen, then an Indian Trail council member, had suggested he should be allowed to bring his gun to Council meetings. I also asked a deputy to stand beside me, too, not knowing if Mr. Allen was armed or not and if Mr. Allen would do something foolish due to my public comments. Yes, I was concerned for the safety of the women and children because of council member Robert Allen’s potential actions.

As for the Vietnam Wall situation, I was the one who escorted one of the participants of the flag demonstration to meet with VFW President Brian Boze to have them apologize to him to end it. In addition, part of that time I was there I was with an Indian Trail deputy to see how the situation can be resolved peacefully. Mr. Aldrich was never there to know what took place or what I had said to others or how long I was there. Were former council members Robert Allen and Darlene Luther there all day to know too? NO. Where did Mr. Aldrich get his information from if he had no witnesses to support his allegation? I had the honor of visiting the Vietnam Wall the next night on June 15 and sign the visitor ledger book in front of council members Robert Allen and Darlene Luther.

I resigned from the Public Safety Committee long before the Miracle League resolution was ever passed by council. My wife was experiencing a health issue which now will require surgery in fighting cancer. Mr. Aldrich is showing he doesn’t have his facts right and he is writing about integrity and character.

A few years ago, Mr. Aldrich thought Mayor Alvarez would be the best mayor ever and Mr. Aldrich also worked with Mayor Alvarez to character assassinate me and other Indian Trail residents, Mr. Aldrich left that part out of his letter. Yes, there are emails to prove it, one of which was sent to the Enquirer Journal. I am still waiting on his evidence to support his accusation in a letter two years ago I was escorted from a voting polling location a few years ago. No complaints were ever filed with the Board of Elections or with the Union County Sheriff Office. Again, another lie!

I encourage everyone to submit an Indian Trail Public Information Request for emails for former Indian Trail council members Robert Allen and Darlene Luther for March 2013. Then you will see Mr. Aldrich doesn’t have the facts correct. I must be over the target to get all of this flak so early in the campaign. Mr. Aldrich tried this tactic of twisting events around two years ago to help candidates he supported and endorsed to get elected. Two candidates in 2013 who did not or have not honored their campaign promises so far.

Michael Faulkenberry

Indian Trail

Column was especially good

Carey Kinsolving’s column of Friday, July 31st was especially good. His observation about the practice of mislabeling church buildings as “the house of God” and the following discussion of the Jerusalem temple contrasted with “living temples” was right on the mark.

I can’t resist commenting on John 4:23-24. My take on these words is that God desires and insists on worship expressed in right attitudes and correct actions. For example, observing the Lord’s Supper with unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine would be a correct action as Jesus chose these. (Matthew 26:26-29) To do so without recognizing what these things stand for would be the wrong spirit or attitude. (I Cor. 11:27-27).

Jesus addressed the other side of this in Matthew 7:21-23 where God’s will was not being done. Matthew 15:9 quotes Isaiah 29:13 to show that not offering both worship in spirit and in truth was a continuing problem over the centuries. The actions of King Jereboam in I Kings 12:26-28 are a particularly significant example of the same problem. The New Testament often teaches that love (spirit-attitude) will lead to keeping God’s commandments (truth-actions).

Joan Reiber


Are you protected and served?

Remember: The police have no duty to protect anyone, their job is law enforcement and armed revenue enhancement for their jurisdictions. As a matter of fact, famous legal case law supports their “ no duty to protect.” (Warren v. District of Columbia) 444 A. 2d 1 (D.C.App.181) “A government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection to any particular individual citizen ...”

The police operate on general orders, policies and procedures promulgated by their leadership, i.e.chiefs, city councils and police boards, unions and they can be arbitrary and capricious.

As the result of another recent U.S. Supreme Court case (Heien v. North Carolina the police are not required to know the laws they are tasked to enforce. As long as they act “in good faith” and according to the “reasonable officer concept” they can literally make it up as they go along. Combine this with their “qualified immunity” and police union “indemnification,” is it any wonder that so many people are maimed or murdered by police? They (police) know that in any court of law, they are going to be “deferred” to incase of any controversy at law. In other words, their word carries more weight than we mere mortals.

What we are witnessing on a daily basis across America is the inhumanity of America’s police forces who respond to women, children, the elderly, the physically and mentally ill with gratuitous violence.

All in the name of “holy officer safety,” police tase, beat, abuse, and murder U.S. citizens. Just let an officer “feel” or “perceive” fear for their life, and they will unleash force and violence on you. Every day there are more reports , and despite the reports, the violence goes on and on. Clearly, the police enjoy inflicting violence on the citizenry, it colors their every action.

There have always been “bullies” on the police forces, but the wanton police violence of our times indicate a complete collapse of the American character.

In an ideal world, cops would do nothing except protect people from thieves and attackers, in which case, the shooting of a police officer would never be justified.

In the real world, however, far more injustice, violence, torture, theft and outright murder has been committed in the name of law enforcement, than has been committed in spite of it

If it is appropriate to presume that citizens know the parameters of the criminal laws, i.e. ignorance is no excuse , it is surely appropriate to expect the same from law enforcement officers at least with regards to unambiguous statutes.

So the next time you see the blue lights in your rearview mirror, just ask yourself the following: Am I about to be protected and served?


“I’m not anti-cop, just pro-citizen.”

Ralph Guyton


Alvarez and his honesty problem

Last Sunday, a letter to the editorl appeared in The Enquirer Journal in which Indian Trail Mayor Alvarez identified town council candidate Michael Faulkenberry to have actively participated in the stalking of former councilpersons Luther and Allen. Something stinks about Alvarez’s claim.

If Alvarez knew Faulkenberry to be a stalker with a prior history of emotional instability, then why did Alvarez later cast the tie breaking vote in 2014 for Faulkenberry’s appointment to the town’s Public Safety Committee? Appointing a known stalker to a Public Safety Committee? What does this say about Mr. Alvarez’s judgment and his utter disrespect for honest citizens serving on such committee?

Was Alvarez lying in his stalking claim? Or, was such committee appointment merely “political” to reward Faulkenberry for having previously helped elect Alvarez in 2011? Something definitely stinks here and it appears to be Alvarez!

Gary Woolnough

Indian Trail