Citizens of Monroe, ask yourselves: What makes a good leader?

To many, the answer is quite obvious. Words like integrity, transparency and honesty come to mind. As anyone running for Monroe City Council should, long-time Monroe resident Bob Yanacsek possesses all of those qualities, nevertheless the one thing that continues to stand out throughout his campaign is his ability to think critically. For some folks, this may be a frightening process. It leads to question ideas that people have taken for granted all of their lives, and to challenge authority figures who have run this town for generations. Bob Yanacsek is the only incumbent who has been making a constant effort to educate the public about ongoing issues that have not been in the best interest of the community, nor helped the city to flourish. He engages with the public, not only encouraging, but facilitating critical thinking. Bob Yanacsek made many realize that what’s been happening in Monroe is not a problem; it’s a predicament.

This is happening all over America. The poor rental neighborhoods are profitable while the affluent neighborhoods are not. Throughout the poor neighborhoods, cities continue to bring in more revenue than they will spend to maintain the neighborhood. Yet city leaders continue to obsess over building more, neglecting many of their critical systems. Not considering whether what they’re building will create enough value for the community.

Bob understands that it’s time to stop empowering the simple, top/down everything-that’s-wrong-with-Monroe and turn its future over to a bottom/up leadership from the town and neighborhoods. Trust your neighbor to join with you to make yours a strong town. And it truly starts at the city level with leaders whose voices are not passed through the filter of people with other ambitions and priorities.

This is the essence of Bob Yanacsek’s approach. And it’s critical we get started now because we need strong cities if we are to have a truly strong America.

Daniela Snyder

7315 Connan Lane

Charlotte, NC 28226