MONROE — The air quality at Turning Point, a safe shelter for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence, improved recently thanks to the generosity of a local businessman.

Lyle Nearby, franchise owner with AdvantaClean of Monroe, cleaned the air ducts for the 11,000-square-foot facility at no charge, according to Kevin Behan, a spokesman for AdvantaClean.

The job required about 55 man hours and the estimated cost would have been about $5,000. Nearby’s crew cleaned eight HVAC systems from Sept. 15-17.

“We appreciate AdvantaClean’s generous offer to ensure a safe environment for residents of our shelter,” said Jessie Lindberg, Executive Director of Turning Point, Inc., in a statement. “Any time a company does something like that, it enables us to save and devote funding to other programs and services to help our clients. Lyle has already raised awareness for the work of Turning Point and his contribution to our organization will be extremely impactful in giving assistance to those in our community in need our support.”

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