wingate university

Classes for the Fall 2020 semester at Wingate University are scheduled to begin on Aug. 24 and end Dec. 2, with exams being held online from Dec. 3-10.

Area schools, colleges included, will begin again in less than a month. Public schools, under Governor Roy Cooper’s plan, will operate under a hybrid of in-person and remote learning.

But what about universities? Will public universities operate the same way? How about private colleges — are their plans for reopening different?

Listed below are just a few area colleges and their plans for reopening this fall. All information is subject to change.

Unless otherwise noted, the schools are offering three delivery methods for learning: face-to-face, hybrid and online. Face-to-face learning will have distanced desks in classrooms and face masks will be required. Hybrid is a mix of face-to-face and online learning. In hybrid classes, students will be assigned days where they attend class in-person to limit the number of students in a classroom. Face masks are required. Some classes will be offered as online courses only.

Here’s what some schools in the region are planning:

School: Appalachian State University

First Day of Class: Aug. 17

Last Day of Class: Nov. 24

No Fall Break

Final Exams: (online only, but with the exception of courses that require clinical or lab based assessments): December 3,4 and 7-9

School: Clemson University

First Day of Class: First Fall — Aug. 17 / Second Fall — Oct. 12

Last Day of Class: First fall — Oct. 2 / Second Fall — Dec. 4

Final Exam Week: First Fall- Oct. 5-9, Second Fall — Dec. 7-11

From the university’s website, “The University’s goal is for at least 75% of all courses to have some class periods dedicated to in-person interactions among instructors and students. All classes with in-person components will also be blended with online components. Cameras and microphones will be installed in more than 400 classrooms to allow for live video streaming and recorded delivery of instruction.”

School: Davidson College

First Day of Class: Aug. 20

Last Day of Class: Nov. 20

No Fall Break

Final Exam Week: Dec. 1 -8

School: East Carolina University

First day of class: Aug. 10. No fall break.

From the University’s website: Under the block scheduling format, students will take the same number of courses, but instead of taking all their classes concurrently for the duration of the semester, the semester will be divided into two 8-week blocks. For example, a typical course load of five classes would include two classes in the first block and three in the second, or vice versa. Some courses will continue to be offered in the traditional 15-week format,”

“Classes for Block 8W1 will begin Monday, Aug. 10 and exams will end Tuesday, Sept. 29. Classes for Block 8W2 will begin Thursday, Oct. 1. Classes that remain in the 15-week format will begin Aug. 10. All exams for the fall semester will end by Wednesday, Nov. 25. ... In order to meet the required social distancing within classrooms, all courses with enrollments of 50 students or greater will normally be delivered online. Hybrid modes of instruction will be developed in all other cases when physical presence is not required. In hybrid (face-to-face and online) designs, online delivery should be less than 50% of the class time. Assigned seating and attendance records will be kept in order to facilitate contact tracing when needed.”

School: Johnson C. Smith University

First Day of Class: Sept. 8

Last Day of Class: Nov. 24

No Fall Break

Final Exams: Begin on Nov. 30

School: South Piedmont Community College

All classes are online; however, certain classes in public health and safety, trade programs, and basic skills have been granted an exception, according to the college website.

First Day of Class: Aug. 10

Last Day of Class: Dec. 9

School: UNC Charlotte

From the University’s website: “While students are continuing to enroll for the fall, we expect approximately 50% of classes will be delivered in person (either face-to-face or hybrid), while the others will be delivered remotely.”

First Day of Class: Sept. 7

Last Day of Class: Dec. 15

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 26 — 28

Final Exams: Dec. 17-23

School: Wingate University

First Day of Class: Aug. 24

Last Day of Class: Dec. 2

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 25-27

Final Exams (online): Dec. 3-10

School: Winthrop University

First Day of Class: Aug. 24

Last Day of Class: Dec. 7

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 25-29

Final Exams: Dec. 9-15