MONROE — Firefighters responded to a fire that “blazed through the roof” of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (725 Deese Rd.) at around 5 a.m. on Monday (July 26), according to City of Monroe Fire Chief Ron Fowler.

Fowler said there is no “suspicion” behind the fire, and that it was accidental. An investigation is still underway to determine the cause and the cost of damage. He described damage to the building as “significant.”

The fire erupted in the midsection of the building and began to spread left and right, according to Fowler. A passerby saw the fire and reported it.

Firefighters contained the fire to the midsection of the building. The sanctuary suffered some damage, but firefighters were able to keep the majority of the fire out of it, Fowler said. There was damage to the administrative offices, chapel and old rectory.

According to Fowler, the building did not have an alarm system.

Father Benjamin Roberts uploaded several videos to the church’s Facebook page to provide congregants with information about the fire.

Roberts said no damage was done to the Blessed Sacrament, because he had moved it to the church last weekend.