Jason Hall family photo

The Halls were looking for a friendly community to raise their daughters when they moved to Waxhaw.

WAXHAW — Waxhaw’s newest commissioner, Jason Hall, sat down with the Enquirer-Journal earlier this week to introduce himself to the community he will be serving.

Hall and his family moved to Waxhaw from Arlington, Virginia about seven years ago. In Arlington, he worked for the federal government as an IT specialist. For a year, he was a federal employee with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He contracted with the federal government working with multiple departments.

He said working in Washington, D.C. was cold and impersonal. Hall said he grew tired of the atmosphere in D.C., as well as the constant traveling to Austin, Texas from D.C. He wanted to move to a more welcoming place, where he and his wife could raise their two young daughters.

When Hall traveled to Texas his connecting flight was usually in Charlotte. He said he was always excited to be in Charlotte, because everyone was “friendly” and “kind.”

“Every time I came through Charlotte, it always put me in a really good mood …,” Hall said.

The day before New Year’s in 2012, Hall and his wife visited Waxhaw to look at homes for sale. In the same day, they looked at a dozen houses, and found the home where they reside.

Southern charm and hospitality is what drew the Hall family to Waxhaw. He considers the warm and inviting nature of the small town refreshing.

“I fell in love with the fact that people talk to each other down here and people are super friendly. I had not been around that in Washington, D.C. You could walk down a hallway in Washington and people just as soon not look at you in the eyes. If you ask them if they are having a nice day they think you’re from outer space,” Hall shared.

Hall’s interest in becoming a town commissioner was the result of getting to know local politicians and officials and asking them if he should apply to become a commissioner.

The seat on the Board of Commissioners opened up when former commissioner Kat Lee resigned in the spring.

Hall, making himself more competitive for the job, did his homework. He met with local and state politicians as well as former town commissioners and former Mayor Stephen Maher. They discussed how Hall could be an asset to Waxhaw as well as ideas for it’s future.

He grabbed breakfast with former Representative Craig Horn and Representative-elect David Willis. He traveled to Hickory to spend a day with a former town manager Warren Wood (2015-2017) to go over the Town of Waxhaw’s budget. Too, he met with chairman of the Union County Board of Commissioners, Richard Helms.

Based on conversations with local politicians and former officials, as well as public commentary and what Hall knew about Waxhaw by living there, his platforms include finding a way to manage the growth in Waxhaw, alleviating traffic headaches (like North Carolina 16/Providence Road) while preserving the historic charm that made him fall in love with Waxhaw.

Hall said he would spend a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon in Waxhaw by taking his family on bicycle rides, then to the park and finally Waxhaw Creamery where they would hope to see a train pass by.

Hall runs a managing consulting firm that specializes in small software companies and enterprise content management. They help companies run projects, assist with financial decisions, help with marketing and project management.