MONROE — The Union County Board of Elections will begin a recount of ballots cast in North Carolina’s Supreme Court chief justice contest on Thursday, Nov 19, at 1 p.m., according to a report from Union County Government’s communications department.

The recount will occur at the Board of Elections office at 316-B E. Windsor Street in Monroe.

Democrat Cheri Beasley requested the recount in a letter to the State Board of Elections on Tuesday. Beasley trails Republican Paul Newby by fewer than 400 votes out of nearly 5.4 million cast in the race for the state’s highest court. That puts the race within the 10,000-vote threshold for the trailing candidate to demand a recount.

All 100 county boards of elections will conduct recounts of their ballots by running them through tabulators. The Union County Board of Elections will designate two-person bipartisan teams for each tabulator used for the recount, according to the report.

Candidates, the media and the general public may attend the recount meeting. Due to space limitations and social distancing requirements, a limit of seven observers will be allowed to attend Union County’s recount. Those who wish to attend the recount must RSVP by calling 704-283-3809.

Union County will air the recount live on its YouTube channel at

Use of video or still cameras by the public inside the recount room while the recount is in progress is not permitted because of the statutory prohibition on photographing or videotaping individual ballots.

Media representatives will be permitted to take videos and still photographs before or after the recount, if they do not record images of ballots.