NORTH CAROLINA — Democratic State Senator Jeff Jackson announced on Tuesday morning (Jan. 26) that he will be running for U.S. Senate. Jackson made the announcement in a video posted to Twitter.

Senator Richard Burr said he would not run for re-election in 2022, thus, leaving an open U.S. Senate seat.

Jackson said he plans to visit all 100 counties in North Carolina and host town halls in each county. When he will visit Union County is to be determined, a campaign representative said in an email to the Enquirer-Journal.

In his announcement, he said he plans to run an “energetic and transparent campaign.”

He is running because: “we have political leaders who refuse to stand up for us and who have turned a blind eye to several clear challenges we face. The results have been devastating, especially for working people and working families. That ends now. We’re organizing across our state to hear directly from you as we build a North Carolina agenda,” per a statement published to his campaign website.

He continued: “Before politics comes principle. Without adhering to the basic principles of honesty and decency, there can be no political debate — and no political progress...We may disagree on certain policies, but my primary mission is to represent the people of North Carolina with honesty and decency — and, hopefully, we can all agree on that.”

Currently, Jackson is an N.C. Senator representing District 37. He assumed office in 2014 and his term will end in December of 2022. When he was elected in 2014, he became the second-youngest senator in the state at 32 years old.

According to Ballotpedia, Jackson is an attorney who earned his J.D. from UNC Chapel Hill and worked as an assistant district attorney in Gaston County. He serves as a Captain in the Army National Guard. He enlisted after the attacks on Sept. 11, trained at Ft. Bragg and served in Afghanistan for a year. He has served for 18 years, per his campaign website.

From 2019-2020 Jackson served on the following committees: Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety; Agriculture/Environmental/Natural Resources; Judiciary; State and Local Government; Transportation.

Jackson and his wife, Marisa, have three children. He is a member of Myers Park Presbyterian Church.