Rock Rest Elemetentary, located at 814 Old Pageland Monroe Rd. in Wingate, was flooded with promotional signs.

UNION COUNTY — According to the Union County Board of Elections’ Twitter account, all county votes for the 2020 Elections have been counted. In a tweet sent on Wednesday morning (Nov. 4) at 8:30, the Board stated 20,368 county voters cast ballots on Election. The total number of ballots counted from Election Day, absentee by-mail and early voting amounts to 130,257.

Results from Elections remain unofficial until canvassing is completed. Those who earned the highest percentages are candidate-elects until election results are made official by the NC State Board of Elections.

All information is according to the NC State Board of Elections as of Wednesday Nov. 4 and is subject to change.

Candidate elects who will serve constituents of Union County include: NC Congressional District 09, Dan Bishop (Republican); NC Senate, Todd Johnson and Paul Newton (Republican incumbents); NC House, Dean Arp, David Willis and Mark Brody (Republicans); Board of Education At-Large (vote for two), Sarah May and Todd Price; and Board of County Commissioners (vote for two), David Williams and Richard Helms Sr. (incumbent).

Though Price and Helms were re-elected, they did not have the majority of votes. May and Williams had slightly higher percentages of votes. May had 36 more votes than Price (73,382 versus 73,346, which is 37.42% to 37.40%). Williams had 2,799 more votes than Helms (74,955 versus 72,156, which is 33.37% to 32.12).

Those who ran unopposed include: Board of Education District 01, Candice Sturdivant (Democratic incumbent), with a ballot count of 8,098; Board of Education District 02, Matt Helms ( Republican incumbent), with a ballot count of 17,649; Board of Education District 05, Joseph Morreale (Republican incumbent) with a ballot count of 16,811; Union County Register of Deeds, Crystal D. Gilliard (Republican) with a ballot count of 92,931; Union Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, Evan Haigler.


NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Seat 01: Paul Newby (Republican)

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 02: Phil Berger Jr. (Republican)

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 04: Tamara Barringer (Republican)

NC Court of Appeals Judge

All are Republicans

Seat 04: April C. Wood

Seat 05: Fred Gore

Seat 06: Chris Dillon

Seat 07: Jeff Carpenter

Seat 13: Jefferson G. Griffin

NC Superior Court Judge 20B Seat 01: Jonathan Perry (Republican)

NC District Court Judge District 20B Seat 01: Tripp Helms (Democratic, ran unopposed); Ballot count 8,511.

NC District Court Judge District 20C

Seat 01: Stephen V. Higdon (Republican, ran unopposed); Ballot count 82,179

Seat 02: Joseph J. Williams (Republican, ran unopposed); Ballot count 81,699

NC NC District Court Judge District 20D

Seat 01: Erin S. Hucks (Republican, ran unopposed)l Ballot count 90,905

Seat 02: Matt Smith (Republican)