RALEIGH — The state’s seasonally adjusted December unemployment rate was 6.2%, remaining unchanged from November’s revised rate, according to a report from the N.C. Department of Commerce. The national rate remained unchanged at 6.7%.

The unemployment rate in the state a year ago was 3.6%, and 3.5% nationally.

The number of people employed increased 27,571 over the month to 4,702,115 and decreased 215,063 over the year. The number of people unemployed decreased 630 over the month to 310,675 and increased 124,552 over the year.

The unemployment rate in Union County through November of 2020 was at 5.0%, according to Fred.stlouisfed.org. Unemployment in Union County fell as low as 2.9% in December of 2019, but skyrocketed during the 2020 as a side effect of the highly-contagious and potentially deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The County’s unemployment rate climbed to 10.2% in May of 2020, according to Fred.stlouisfed.org — it has been cut in half in a span of six months. The highest recorded unemployment rate in the County was in January of 2010, when it reached 11.2%.