CHARLOTTE — SCORE Charlotte, a volunteer organization whose members offer free mentoring, speakers to business trade shows and events and who serve as SCORE Ambassadors, was presented the North Carolina District Chapter of the Year 2020 Award for The Small Business Market by SCORE National.

SCORE Charlotte serves an 11 county region in North and South Carolina, including Union County, and is one of 10 National SCORE chapters in North Carolina.

The organization said through a released statement, the award was given in recognition of its leadership, dedication and commitment to serving small businesses in the Charlotte Region.

SCORE Charlotte said its “innovation and key contributions to National SCORE programs such as the current on-boarding program for new SCORE volunteers and the Early Adopters Program for the Engage system to manage new client relationships led to the award”. The Charlotte Chapter said it also led participation in a district-wide Zoom Implementation Program which enabled client mentoring through video and modified workshop presentations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the pandemic, the Chapter said it was able to handle 2,088 potential client requests. A figure it said represented an increase of 40% over 2019.

The organization said its Public Outreach Program played a key role in its recognition.

“We work hard to be an active strategic partner with over 40 SCORE Ambassadors highly engaged in a diversity of community events,” said Juliette Weiland, immediate past president for the 2019-2020 year. “As a result, we are continually increasing awareness of our services and opportunities to volunteer.”

According to its press release, the Chapter had a goal to increase inclusion and diversity to meet the needs of the community. The Chapter reported the number of Certified SCORE Mentors increased by 30% for minority and 15% for women in 2020, citing several of these individuals are now in Chapter leadership positions.

The organization also received the Diamond Chapter Excellence Award 2020, an award it said is given to Chapters who have attained a Platinum Award for five or more years in a row in recognition of its support of the small business community.