MONROE — Parents who would like to enroll their tot in a faith-based preschool now have another option — Calvary Baptist Church Preschool (CBCP).

In September of 2021, the preschool will open its doors to children across the county. Director Jennifer Trull said opening CBCP will help address needs of a growing population in Union County, particularly families with small children.

Trull has four years of experience directing a preschool prior to CBCP. Too, she has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church for the last 13 years.

On a Wednesday in March of 2020, the church announced it would start a preschool program; however the following Sunday, it announced in-person services were suspended because of reported cases of the coronavirus in the county, Trull said.

The church is currently constructing the preschool and is nearly finished. Coronavirus pushed construction back by one month, but Trull said they are still on schedule to open their doors in September.

For families interested in enrolling their child in a faith-based preschool program, here’s what they can expect to see at CBCP: worship (singing and praises), prayer, Bible story time and memorizing small verses, Trull said. She explained that the curriculum they will use will include teachers spending time with small groups and one-on-one with children.

Also, children will participate in process art. Trull explained that process art allows a child to create whatever they want instead of all children creating the same image. For example, a child can create whatever picture they want instead of following step-by-step instructions to create a butterfly that looks like all the other childrens’.

“It’s not going to be quiet,” Trull said. “You’re going to see smiles and you’re going to hear laughs and may see some messes,” she said laughing.

For information about how to enroll and associated fees, visit: https://www.cbcmon