Charlotte-based supermarket chain Harris Teeter, which has locations in Indian Trail and Wesley Chapel, has made changes to their stores in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The grocer is also rewarding its employees. During the month of April, Harris Teeter is giving HERO bonuses to employees. This is a temporary $2 per hour increase for hourly employees. The company is also giving employees at stores, distribution centers, manufacturing and corporate offices a one-time $300 bonus for full time employees and $150 for part-time.

During the weeks since the novel coronavirus invaded the United States, Harris Teeter has made several changes — from limiting the number of certain items customers can purchase to installing plexiglass partitions at cashier lanes and at the pharmacies to keep employees and customers safer.

To keep stores clean, commonly used areas like cashier stations, self-checkouts, credit card terminals, food service counters and shelves are being sanitized more often. Restrooms will be cleaned more often and restocked with soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer. Shopping carts and baskets are wiped down and customers are provided with free disinfectant wipes at store entrances.

On March 30, Harris Teeter began senior shopping hours. Every Monday and Thursday mornings are reserved for customers aged 60 and over from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Also, on Thursdays, the ExpressLane Online Shopping pick-up is available to seniors only from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the $4.95 fee is waived.

When shopping at Harris Teeter, customers are allowed to purchase up to three of each of these items: water, toilet paper, canned meat, pasta, cleaning supplies and Airborne, cold, flu and allergy over the counter medications.

For shoppers who bring reusable bags, they are asked to bag their own groceries.

Customers are encouraged to maintain social distancing (six feet apart) while shopping.

Harris Teeter is hiring. They are hoping to hire more than 5,000 to positions at stores and distribution centers.