For a second year, Easter may look a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While restrictions may not be as limiting as last year and progress has been made through vaccinations, traditional Easter plans may still change as a result of the health crisis.

Despite these challenges, spending on the traditional Christian holiday is expected at $21.6 billion this year. This was revealed in a recent WalletHub study. A similar annual survey by the National Retail Federation, and reported by, said the collective spending would average $180 per person.

The WalletHub study compared the 100 largest cities in the U.S. based on 13 metrics it said were related to Easter celebrations. WalletHub, a personal-financial website, said its metrics ranged from candy and chocolate stores per capita to the city’s Christian population. Five of the 100 cities surveyed were located in North Carolina.

Charlotte was ranked 23rd on the list, Greensboro ranked 31st, Raleigh 54th, Durham 55th and Winston-Salem ranked 63rd. The city ranked as the best for Easter was Honolulu, Hawaii.

A few of the key statistics revealed by WalletHub include.

  • Projected Easter spending on candy is $3 Billion
  • 60% of parents plan to send Easter baskets to their children after they have moved out
  • 23% are more likely to celebrate Easter with friends and family compared to last year
  • 47% of American say religion has helped to get them through the pandemic