Did you know that trees cause more than half of power outages? This problem keeps Union Power busy with “Right-of-Way Clearing.” Streets in County to be cleared this month are: Baron Road, Beacon Hills Road, Bernard Simpson Road, Beulah Church Road, Bloomsberry Lane, Bouchard Drive, Brandy Courts, Bridle Trail, Caravan Lane, Chasestone Court, Chickadee Court, Curling Creek Drive, Deal Road, Duncan Road, Eagle Road, Elder Court, Fox Run Road, Friendly Baptist Church Road, Garden View Lane, Gatewood Lane, Grammercy Drive, Greenhurst Lane, Hembywood Drive, Hill Crest Circle, Horn Tassel Court, Hudson Church Road, Huntington Drive, Idlewild Road, Kee Court, Ken Ryan Drive, Larkfield Drive, Lenny Stadler Way, Maple Grove Church road, Maple Leaf Drive, New Town Road, Old Waxhaw Monroe Road, Pennigar Road, Perry Pond Drive, Potter Road, Price Road, Red Fox Trail, Ridge Road, ridgeview Lane, Rockwell Drive, Shannon Road, Skytop Road, Steeplechase Circle, Stoney Ridge Drive, Twelve Mile Creek Road, Underwood Road, Valley Glen Drive, West Unionville Indian Trail Road, Waxhaw Indian Trail Road, Weddington Church Road, Weddington Hills Drive, Weddington Road, Wild Flower Place, Winding Lane, Woodvine Court, and Wynnview Road. Tree-trimming crews doing this project will be ABC Professional Tree Services, Asplundh Tree Expert LLC, and Lewis Tree Service. So if you see them along the roads, you know why and what they’re doing. All for our safety.

An afternoon of Viennese music is an annual New Year’s Day event in major cities all over the world. While living in New York, I would drive into Manhattan to Lincoln Center to thoroughly enjoy “Salute to Vienna” on New Year’s Day and become totally enthralled in mostly Strauss waltz music. How I loved it. Upon relocating here in Waxhaw, those enjoyable afternoons ceased. But, as you exit Lincoln Center, the Master of Ceremonies reminds the audience that if we arrive at home before 8 p.m., we can enjoy Strauss music on PBS. Finally, this year, I remembered that show would play at 9 p.m. on PBS, New Year’s Day! I loved it — it was fabulous. The most beautiful is “The Blue Danube.” I could listen to that forever.

And then, of course, we enjoyed Football Sunday two days later. Clemson was handed some defeat by Ohio State. All I can say is “WOW.” Two “WOWS” go to Alabama and their defeat over Notre Dame. Devon Achane of Texas A & M played a great game, defeating UNC Chapel Hill. I’ll be happy, once again, to see the football season end. Despite the fact that I spend many hours viewing football, I have decided it is just the competition I truly enjoy. Just gets a bit brutal after awhile. Before we know it, the pros will be participating in the Super Bowl. Who will it be? I hope the Australian Open will be held, as I miss tennis, but with this pandemic, I have not heard anything about it.

January birthday celebrants who I know of are: Lisa Hoffman, who works for the Town of Waxhaw, Bill Moloney, Missy Halton Rose, formerly of Waxhaw, now a resident of Virginia, Denise and Bill Montroy, Bonnie Rusinko, and Polly Oliver. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you see any of these people, remember to offer them birthday wishes.

Research has proved that knitting aids in controlling pain, add happiness to your life, as well as increases cognitive function. Do you knit? Want to learn? You can always go to Waxhaw’s “Tangles.” They’ll teach you.

The Council on Aging in Union County, located at 1401 Skyway, Monroe, NC 28111, wants you to be informed about 2021 Tax Prep. Common Heart will be “virtually” reviewing tax forms this year. They are located at 116 Business Park Drive in Indian Trail, or you can call to make an appointment at 70-684-9007. The Department of Health and Human Services will be conducting free tax preparation at 2330 Concord Avenue in Monroe. Call 704-296-4312 for an appointment. The Fitzgerald Senior Center will NOT be providing tax assistance in 2021. There is also a property tax savings for those over 65+, call the Union County Tax Assessors Office at 704-283-3746 to learn if that is available to you.

People of all ages are still doing wonderful things to help with the pandemic. 7 year old Hayley Orlinsky, daughter of author, Lori Orlinsky, learned the shortage of masks hospitals were and are still experiencing, she thought she should do something about it. Hayley thought up the idea of creating friendship bracelets and sell them. Originally the youngster aimed to raise $200 for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital located in Chicago, the hospital where she was treated when she was ill. When Hayley’s Mom became involved, and publicized it on Facebook, the project went skyward! At last count Hayley has raised in excess of $25,000, with no intention of stopping yet. Hayley says she feels like she’s doing something important. She sure is.

Before Christmas when the UK was locked and France wouldn’t allow people going through to get to the UK, there was great concern that the grocery stores in the UK wouldn’t have enough food for the Christmas celebrations. The solution? The German airline, Lufthansa, flew 80 tons of food to the UK to be certain the stores would have enough food supplies. You may have seen the mind boggling traffic jam hoping to get into the tunnel which crosses the Channel. It was so much worse than the New Jersey Turnpike ever dreamed of being on Thanksgiving weekend, I couldn’t imagine the traffic ever dispersing. But apparently it did.

In Brainerd, Minnesota, some, kind, generous, Dairy Queen patron initiated a “pay it forward” chain. It lasted for 2 1/2 days, and 900 people gained from it. It not only helped Dairy Queen, but some feel as if the entire community was helped. Such a spread of generosity, especially at Christmas during a pandemic. Oh, I tell ya, there are wonderful people out there!

Have a good week, take time to smell the roses, schedule your medical appointments, but most important, remember how much “fina” it is to wake up in Carolina.