Hope you had enough turkey. We did, along with the delicious vegetables that go with a great Thanksgiving dinner. The wonderful desserts were nothing to sneeze at either. My great nephew, Zachary, and his wife, Kylie, who reside in Durham, called, and were planning to dine alone, until I invited them for Thanksgiving, and they accepted. This was nice for all of us, because with our normal busy lives we don’t see one other often enough, but then, this year, it is even worse. We hardly see anyone. From Waxhaw, Zachary and Kylie were going to travel to Asheville, to see Zachary’s sister, who would be in Asheville only two days, without enough time to get to Waxhaw. Oh well, maybe next year. How the Jet Age still changes our lives so drastically.

Do you know the holiday movie played the most of all time during the holidays? The answer is: “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Some friends of ours refuse to miss that movie every year. Another Christmas tidbit of info: Washington Irving dreamed up the idea of Santa arriving from the North Pole on the flying sled. Another, singer Brenda Lee, was only 13 years old when she recorded the holiday hit, “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.”

Belated birthday greetings to Phyllis Rosen, former Waxhaw resident, now living in Sun City, S.C.

How great was that Panther’s win? Yikes, 20-0. Football is truly a rough sport. Those players really get pummeled. Some of them are great at gymnastics, though aren’t they? It helps them roll with the, should I say, punches? After watching for all these years I often wonder why there are not more serious injuries. Happy to say that although my offspring are all mature adults, they are into cycling, walking, running, and swimming. My son-in-law while cycling was hit by a car going the wrong direction about 10 years ago. He was laid up for a couple of weeks with broken ribs — could have been much worse though. Those sports are daring enough for us.

The Democratic Women of Union County will hold their December meeting on the 7th, via “Zoom” at 7:30 p.m.

The Army Secretary has given orders to continue with “Wreaths Across America.” Have you attended one of these services? Absolutely amazing. I attended last year’s at the Waxhaw Cemetery next to the Waxhaw Baptist Church. It was where every American should be on that day!

How wonderful that we celebrate our veterans like this. All the thousands of brave souls who put America first. No phony ills or maladies for them. They just got up, manned up, and served the United States of America Military. Where would we be without these veterans? Thank God for them.

Which brings to mind: Jesus said: “A new command I give you.” “Love one another, as I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

The Open Air Market at Union County Entrepreneurs in Mineral Springs is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 5, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. For more information, call Karen Johnson at 704-219-8765.

Did you know there are 140 million poor and hungry people in the USA? That’s according to the Institute for Policy Studies (ips-dc.org).

A live broadcast will feature the raising of the United States of America flag over the newly established National World War 1 Memorial in Washington, D.C. on December 11. This ceremony, called “First Colors,” will track down the American flag which was flying over the U. S. Capital Building April 6, 2017, memorializing the centennial of the day the United States entered WWI. After 1917, the same flag flew over the veteran cemeteries in Europe to honor the Americans who made the supreme sacrifice in Europe during WWI, and will ultimately remain at the National World War I Memorial. to witness this “First Colors” presentation, visit the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission’s website or Facebook page for a link to the live broadcast: ww1cc.or or facebook.com/ww1centennial

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much harm and some good. One good event is that when the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores shut down, the workers took advantage of that time to rake through the waterfall exhibit patrons formerly used as a catch all for coins, and hopefully to have their wishes come true. During the clean up, workers reported finding golf balls, beads, shells, necklaces, toys and pacifiers, in addition to pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The employees reported finding 100 gallons of coins. An ingenious idea was to stage a contest, inviting the museum’s followers on Facebook to guess how much money the 100 gallons of coins matched. The answer was $8,563.71. The winner guessed $8,562. The Raleigh News & Observer reported that more than 2,500 people attempted the contest. According to all reports, the $8,563.71 helped pay some of the bills. Some people have the greatest ideas.

Our lives have been significantly altered by this never ending Pandemic. And, if we’re honest, it does get boring, and could be depressing. But Reader’s Digest tells of some of the things some people have done to prevent loneliness and depression. Some people claimed that though they can no longer travel, they dusted off the Scrabble Board, played it on the screened in porch, where they could hear the birds chirping and singing. Another woman was told that people in nursing homes are very lonely, and never hear from their relatives, so we who are looking for something to do should write to them. Another woman told of how she no longer shops stores where she doesn’t need things, but bought them anyway, now she doesn’t get out, so her wallet is full. Another person, when her gym closed, realized she better continue running outdoors, and discovered sunrises, wild turkeys sitting up on the canyon, but most important, the wonderful feeling she experienced when she completed the run, filled with the beauty of nature. Another is thrilled with more time for video games. One grandmother brought out all the photographs taken over the years, and created photo albums for all her grandchildren. All kinds of things can make all kinds of people happy. They don’t have to cost money, nor do you have to go out of the house to find peace and tranquility.

Have a great week, take time to smell the roses, schedule your medical appointments, but most important, remember how much ‘fina’ it is to wake up in Carolina.