It seems like we’re all in the same boat this summer! I hear from friends all over the world, and we’re all experiencing the same feelings, just waiting for this dark cloud to lift! Of course, the heat doesn’t help. But, we must remember to count our blessings, because we do have many. Just look out your window, and see the beautiful countryside surrounding our homes. The greenery, the beautiful flowers, and our families and friends. I hear from my friend, June Towler, in Somerset, England, and my friend, Janet Izzo, from Honolulu. They have the same reaction to our situation as everyone else, whether they’re from North Carolina or New York, Florida, or Arizona. Our daughter, Jane, her husband, Arthur, and their daughter, Lark, are still in Colorado, but soon will be heading back

The July 19th issue of the New York Times published a wonderful story about Alex Trebek, the host of “Jeopardy,” one of my favorite TV shows. The article told that “Jeopardy” has a weekly viewing audience of 24 million. Understandably so, as the competition is so keen, and the show is such a fabulous learning experience. Unfortunately, Trebek was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, and although he has beat the odds thus far, the prognosis is worsening. Such a likable guy, Alex started hosting “Jeopardy” in 1984. He recently celebrated his 80th birthday. A native Canadian, he graduated from the University of Ottawa, where he majored in philosophy and the teachings of Thomas Aquinas. While still attending college, he was hired as an announcer by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and continued to climb the ladder in the broadcasting industry. Alex Trebec certainly has provided me with many hours of enjoyment with his nightly show “Jeopardy.” Many thanks, Alex!

Did you hear about the sale price of a LeBron James trading basketball card recently sold at an auction for $1.8 million? The card, which shows LeBron in his rookie season, 2003-04, is the highest priced card of a basketball player ever sold.

During the Pandemic, banks kept telling the public about having a change shortage. Being under the weather, I did nothing about it. But, in Wisconsin, a bank offered a $5 bonus for every $100 worth of coins. It sure was inspirational — the bonus offer helped the bank achieve its goals within 7 days!

A family in Olathe, Kansas moved from Lawson, Missouri, and realized their Labrador retriever was missing. The dog was soon discovered at their Lawson former home, 50 miles away!

Last week, many notables passed away. Congressman John Lewis, from Georgia, passed with honorary funeral arrangements; Cordy Tindell, at 95, a minister, passed on the same day as John Lewis. Both were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. Actress Olivia DeHavilland, who starred in “Gone With The Wind,” and earned an Academy Award for her role, has also passed.

Condolences to the family and many friends of Nancy Rorie. Nancy passed away July 10th after suffering with COVID-19. Nancy will always be remembered for all the wonderful things she did to make Union County an even better place to live.

It was good to see Captain Tom Moore was awarded “knighthood” by Queen Elizabeth. He recently raised $40 million for United KIngdom’s National Health Service by walking laps around his garden, after recuperating from a broken hip. The UK recently named him a “national hero.”

According to Union Power Cooperative’s “Carolina Country,” Lewis Tree Service, Ashland Tree Expert Company, and ABC Professional Tree Service will be doing the “right-of-way” clearing on the following streets: Amanda Drive, Antioch Church Road, Baron Road, Beulah Church Road, Blanchard Circle, Bonterra Village Way, Bounty Ct. Brandy Courts, Brookhollow Ct. , Broxburn Lane, Cari Lane, Cedar Bend, Chickadee Court, Cottonfield Circle, Crane Road, Curling Creek Drive, Deal Road Deercross Lane, Duck Creek Lane, Eagle road, Elderberry Court, Fincher Road, Forest Lawn Drive, Forest Ridge Road, Fox Run Road, Foxbridge Drive, Foxton Road, Garden View Lane, Gatewood Lane, Glen Oaks Drive, Glynwater Lane, Gramercy Drive, Greenbrook Parkway, Greenhurst Lane, Harris Grove Church Road, Heritage Lane, Heritage View Road, Horn Tassel Court, Horseshoe Bend, Hudson Church Road, Huntington Drive, Ivy Pond Lane, Jonah Ridge, Kerr Road, Kiker Brock Drive, Lester Mullis Road, Mallard Circle, Maple Grove Church Road, Matthews Weddington Road, Mellon Road, Michelle Drive, N. Rocky River Road, New Town Road, Old Barn Drive, Pecan Orchard Drive, Perry Pond Drive, Pierce Road, Pioneer Lane, Poplin Road, Potter Road, Quail Ridge Lane, Rea Road, Red Fox Trail, Reid Dairy Road, Rock Ridge Pass, Saddle Horn Trail, Sandbox Circle, Skytop Road, Stoneybrook Court, Twelve Mile Creek Road, Underwood Road, Unionville Indian Trail Road, Vintage Creek Drive, W Brief Road, W Unionville Indian Trail Road, Walden Lane, Water Oak Lane, Waxhaw Indian Trail Road, Weddington Hills Drive, Weddington Road, Winding Lane, Buckboard Lane, Eubanks Street, Helen Drive, Howey Bottoms Road, Indian Trail Fairview Road, Lee Branch Road, Lonnie Walker Road, Pleasant Grove Road, Ridge Road, South Potter Road, W Lawyers Road, Waxhaw Highway. For more info, call Will Ortiz at 704-289-3145, ext. 3323, Carrie Lorenz-Efird, ext. 3291, or Ted Connell, ext 33209.

Here are some laughs from The American Legion Magazine. “I don’t know much about grammar, but I think kale salad is what they call a ‘double negative.’ by Jim Gaffigan. After all is said and done, more is said than done.

“Did you hear about the marathoner who left his math homework at the starting line? He thought he could run away from his problems. “Why is it hard for a communist to tell a joke? It’s not funny until everyone gets it.”

Have a great week, take time to smell the roses. Schedule all your medical appointments. Even in this difficult time, we must take care of ourselves! Remember how much ‘fina” it is to wake up in Carolina.