Early voting began in North Carolina this past Thursday and it will continue until Oct. 31. You can register during the early voting session. So if you are not a registered voter, you can vote at any early voting site in your own county during this time period. Your VOTE is your voice, and never before has your voice been so needed.

The most recent “Time” edition tells about a study claiming that there has been a considerable rise in opinions of Americans about not dating someone of a different political persuasion. In a recent study of 5,000, 50% replied they would not date someone who is of different political beliefs. This figure is up from 2012 by 33 1/3%. The situation can be hostile, but our country’s principals are at stake, so get down there and vote. The discussions can get testy, though, can’t they?

Dr. Mohamed Sadiq, an Utah neurologist, has been awarded high honors at Utah’s Annual Giant Pumpkin Growers Contest, with the entry of his home grown tours, weighing in at 1,825 lbs. According to the doctor, he spends time nurturing his growing giant pumpkins at least an hour a day. It is said that his wife call herself “a pumpkin widow.” Different strokes for different folks.

In 1960, a Sullivan, Illinois 14-year-old Steve Jenne was on hand for Richard Nixon’s visit to Jenne’s hometown. Nixon had ordered a barbecued buffalo meat sandwich, took a few bites, and left it on the plate. Jenne, a Boy Scout Honor Guard at the time, grabbed the sandwich and had his mom freeze it. When Jenne became an adult and relocated, he took the frozen sandwich with him, and claims that “as long as I am living, that sandwich will be stored in my freezer in a container that says “Save, don’t throw away.’ ”

New York City’s Waldorf Astoria, constructing a much needed makeover, has converted 375 units into condominiums. These condos will have two bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, marble foyers and bathrooms, as well as an audio visual closet, and several zone HVAC units. When purchasing these condos, the owners will have pool, Starlight Terrace, and all services the hotel offers available to them. The cost? $6,500.000. Want to go together to purchase one?

The French Open was interesting, but seemed so “sterile” without the fans. Although I found it disappointing in many respects, at least one American was a semi-finalist, and it was good to see Nadal win a 3 set final victory offer Djokovic.

Although I did not watch the NBA finals, I heard the games were terrific. Too much at one time too much was happening. Baseball, basketball, tennis, football, and the Panthers won their 3rd game in succession. All of a sudden I said, “I need a break from sports.” So I went back to the news and that was worse. My final solution was the music on TV. I do enjoy that. This has been a year for just about everyone on earth. You gotta just be glad we’re almost finished with 2020. It doesn’t seem like next year could be worse, but then again, you never know. Just always try to retain your cool and sense of humor.

Over the years I am sure you have heard the expression, originally used by Art Linkletter, that “people are funny,” or something close to that. Well, in reading one of my many periodicals, I learned that parrots can not only be funny, but good for helping people with PTSD, as well as other things. A Michigan man was shot five times by his wife, who was convicted of murder. But who could be a witness? Their pet parrot, Bud. Apparently, the husband said, “don’t shoot,” five times. Bud repeated the “don’t shoot” five times. Decision? Murder. Another tale tells of a African gray parrot who went missing in Nagareyama, a city near Tokyo. When found, the veterinarians were witness to the parrot singing his home address, and also sang songs to them. In 2005 a work-therapy program was offered in Serenity Park in LA, bring together U.S. Veterans and abandoned parrots. By the parrots and the vets becoming acquainted, it created a healing process for both man and bird who happen suffer with PTSD. Amazing.

Remember, the Farmer’s Markets in Waxhaw, Monroe and Charlotte are open on Saturdays. Today is Mineral Springs “Open Air Market,” from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The Charlotte Woodcarver’s Club is holding their annual Woodcarving Show in June, 2021, just hoping this Pandemic will be over by then.

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery in Charlotte has planned their Weinacht Festival for 4 weekends beginning Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. All outdoors — you can even dine outdoors. They have outdoor fire pits to warm you, and delicious food to fill you, as well as fabulous artisans providing fabulous creations for you to purchase as Christmas gifts.

Belated birthday greetings to Donna Jeffers.

Have a great week, take time to smell the roses, schedule your medical appointments, take care of yourself, but most important, remember how much “fina” it is to wake up in Carolina.