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Donna Goscicki

WEDDINGTON — Donna Goscicki had no intentions of becoming an author; however, she had a nudging feeling telling her to write about being a grandmother. Two years later, that feeling came into fruition in the form of “Go to Grandma’s?” — Goscicki’s first children’s book.

It’s a short, illustrated story about a little boy, Alex, spending time with his grandmother; it shares the grandparent’s perspective and is meant to show children how much their grandparents value spending time with them. It shows children, too, how much their grandparents love them and desire to get to know them.

Goscicki has two daughters.

“I took pieces from my daughters’ childhoods and actually made up the story about Alex,” she said. “I wanted to show how a grandmother really gets to learn about their grandchild. When a child reads the book I want them to have that feeling about their grandmother — how much they enjoy being with them.”

In the book, Alex’s grandmother visits him to look after him throughout the day. Alex repeats the question, “go to grandma’s house?” until the grandmother realizes there is a particular toy at her house Alex wants to play with — a stuffed animal puppy that belonged to his parent when they were his age.

Like the grandmother in the picture book, Goscicki saved items from her daughters’ childhoods to pass down to her grandchildren.

Goscicki saved her daughters’ collection of The Baby-Sitters Club books and her collection of ceramic animals. She gifted the collections to her two granddaughters.

The three grandsons were given their mother’s elementary school projects.

Talking about her own grandmother, Goscicki said she did not have many opportunities to visit her grandmother because they lived far away. She remembers her chicken cacciatore recipe. Though her grandmother had broken English, Goscicki knew she cooked the dinner to show her love.

“You could see her love when you came to visit,” Goscicki said, “there was nothing she couldn’t do for me.”

For people who want to be grandparents one day and know what it is like to spend time with grandchildren, Goscicki said being a grandparent is “the best experience you could ever have.”

What makes being a grandparent special, in her opinion, is seeing a family’s lineage grow and maintaining the connection over generations through family recipes, toys passed down or handmade gifts — any tangible piece of an older generation a younger one can keep. It allows that grandparent to always be a part of their grandchild’s life.

“Go to Grandma’s?” is available for preorder and will be released on Dec. 8. Published by Mascot Books, it is targeted for children ages five and older.