Happy Easter!

We’ve certainly had some beautiful weather. Yes, we’ve had heavy downpours of rain, but remember, April showers bring May flowers.

With my home incarceration due to the pandemic, I wasn’t able to see what was going on in the outer world. Well, this past Monday, I “sprung out,” and got to see what is happening in Waxhaw. So many changes. First, the Bead Merchant, which will be re-opening in the near future, looks like it’s ready for us to go shopping and at the same time visit Gayle. It’s been quite awhile. Next, we walked up to “The Old Collins Barn” on South Broome, and Mark Hernig has certainly done wonders with that building. Already rented are second level offices, and the lower level has a baker rented, but not fully occupied, and eventually Mark will have his broom making space open for purchasing, exhibits, as well as visiting. Across Highway 75, the Town of Waxhaw has thoroughly transformed the building where “Created in Carolinas” was housed. That looks absolutely fabulous. Also, a delicatessen has opened right along the same strip, next to Tangles. Moe’s BBQ in the Cureton Shopping Center has closed, but they are maintaining their restaurant in Matthews, also named Moe’s BBQ. Then, in the shopping center where Fusion Hair Salon, the Library Association Bookstore, and the Cupcake Store are located, Greco Fresh Grille has opened, with a delicious menu, beautiful venue, wonderful staff. Greco also offers outdoor dining, and delivery. That was our first stop, and we enjoyed it immensely. Bill and his wife and daughter were on hand to greet us. A most enjoyable lunch. The family has five other locations in the surrounding area. I wish them good luck, but I know their fine reputation precedes them. Bill will celebrate his birthday April 21st.

Although March 29th has passed, it is quite a historical day. March 29th is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. In 1882 on March 29th, the Knights of Columbus was established. In 1886 John Pemberton brewed the first batch of Coca Cola in a backyard in Atlanta. In 1911, the M1911 .45 ACP pistol became the official U.S. Army sidearm. In 1945 WWII last day of the V -1 flying bomb attack on England. In 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union, formally beginning UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Being knee deep in March Madness, past basketball seasons keep coming back to me. Watching the players, coaches, their ecstatic wins, sad losses, how they advance in years, their profession, age, — it’s just wonderful to me. The media commentators offer so much info about the entire group that it takes to maintain this organization. Learning the positive effect the coaches have on these young players, and how it molds their adulthood and life is just fantastic. Coaches such as Dean Smith, Coach K, Jon Cheney, (who passed recently) Roy Williams, John Thompson, (who also passed earlier this year) and Joe Boeheim, who had his own grandson on the team this year, (Buddy Boeheim) all took those boys who came in as freshmen, and created great men of them (in most instances). This year I was most impressed with the coach of the University of Michigan’s team, Juwan Howard. I watched this kid play as part of the “Fab Five” at Michigan, and his demeanor was always, should I say, “top of the line” — he was gregarious, yet always in control of himself, and demonstrated that he knew where he was going. Well he got where he was going — finished the trip. He played for numerous professional teams, and then in 2019, he was hired to coach the Michigan team. How much better can it get? He loves basketball, and the kids on his team, he loves University of Michigan, and it shows. I just love to see these kids who didn’t have much to start out with, but they learned, and Juwan Howard learned. He’s a credit to the sport.

Do you think that only humans enjoy “Zooming?” Well, apparently not. In two Czech Republic zoos, chimpanzees truly enjoy themselves, as well as other chimps, on the TV screen. According to the zookeepers, the chimps were a bit shy, yet kind of aggressive, but that did not last long. While chomping on some nuts, they now just sit back and watch what’s happening on the screen. Because the zoos had been closed, the chimps became bored, and this was the cure. What the heck, people have been watching TV for 70 years, and we’re not finished with it yet.

Two loyal Boston Red Sox fans, met one another at Fenway Park, got engaged there, figured they should get vaccinated there. Both 70 years of age now, they met because Donna a loyal fan, visited the park when the team was in town, and Tom, worked as an usher. Donna was happy to say, “it all came full circle.”

Last summer many people were joking that if Trump was defeated, “what would the TV commentators discuss?” Well, according to statistics, CNN’s audience dropped by 45%. I’m sure it will all go back up. Americans are news mongers.

Have a great week, take time to smell the roses, schedule your medical check-ups, but most important, remember how much “fina” it is to wake up in Carolina. Oh! Tomorrow, April 4th is the 91st birthday of the one, the only, Patricia Kitto of Waxhaw. Happy birthday, Pat.