Has anyone begun building their ark? Yikes, although better than snow, there has been so much rain, I think we all may need boats instead of cars. In addition, rain is gloomy.

Well, football is over, the impeachment is over, but the television channels continue with the repetition of news about both. Enough already. It’s almost March Madness, and we have a new President, and his name is Joe Biden. Let’s go on to the next chapter of the good old USA.

At this writing, I took a break, and turned the TV on, only to learn the Republican party is censuring Senator Burr. Here’s a guy that has the character and the courage of his convictions, and he gets censured? Well, I think it’s great that he did what his brain and conscience led him to do. You go, Senator Burr. The censure sounds un-American to me.

Being Black History Month, America’s oldest Black attended church, founded in 1776, has a team working on the “unearthing” of the history of who’s buried there, who started it, and all the members of the church in the 244 years of its history. I believe a tornado damaged the church, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, at one time. Church members are digging in the church yard hoping to discover more of its historical past.

As a lover of music, musicians I could listen to all day is the Dave Brubeck Quartet. In my opinion, one of his best pieces of music recorded is, “Take Five,” written by Paul Desmond, the Quartet’s saxophonist. Paul wrote several other pieces, but because of his infatuation for Audrey Hepburn, he wrote “Audrey.” To go back a few years, in 1954, Audrey Hepburn was starring in a play, “Ondine,” at the 46th Street Theatre in New York. At that time, the Quartet was booked at “Basin Street,” practically around the corner from 46th. Paul Desmond would run over to the 46th Street Theatre, on his break, just when “Ondine” was finishing up for the evening. Paul was in hope of getting a “peak” at Audrey, as she was departing the theatre for the night. Whether he did get to see her I don’t know, but Paul never knew if Audrey Hepburn had ever heard the song he wrote in her honor. Paul passed away in 1977, and Audrey in 1993. That was when Audrey’s husband, Andrea Dotti, called Dave Brubeck to see if they could play “Audrey” at her Memorial Service at the United Nations Headquarters. Dave answered with “yes, but I had no idea you’d be aware of the song ‘Audrey’.” Dotti answered with “My wife listened to that song every night before she went to bed.” A beautiful story, but also a bit sad, as Paul Desmond would have been thrilled to know that, I’m sure.

Actress Marlene Dietrich and director Josef von Sternberg together created seven movies during the years 1930-1935, which received fabulous reviews, and according to all those reviews no actress and/or director have reached higher accolades. All seven films are being streamed on the Criterion Channel. This information might be a way to pass your isolation time in a more enjoyable fashion. Try it, you’ll like it.

The Australian Open has kept me awake to all hours of the morning, being that the AO is 16 hours difference time than the East Coast of the USA. But, I don’t mind — it’s worth it to see such fabulous athleticism from so many countries all over the world who travel such a distance to compete. Of course, my favorites don’t always win, but that’s sports. I’m still hoping for the Romanian, Simona Halep to win, and I would like to see someone not in the top 3 men’s group rise to victory. Well, we’ll all know by Sunday. Have you tried watching these major tennis events? The first time I became interested was in the early ’80’s, and addiction set in. I cannot miss their televised performances. In the early part of this century, I would take my work lunchtime and go home at the time Justine Henin, of Belgium, was playing. Justine Henin is my all time favored athlete. She worked hard to win quite a few Grand Slams, and continued to always remain humble. Humbleness is a marvelous trait to maintain once you become well known all over this vast world. I just watched the match between Simona and Serena, and Serena won easily in 2 sets.

Praise to former UNC basketball star, Chicago Bulls basketball star, and now owner of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team, Michael Jordan of North Carolina, for donating $10 million dollars to Novant Health. I went to the first medical center in Charlotte on Freedom Drive, which Jordan financed, for my first COVID immunization.

Members of the Waxhaw Arts Council are displaying their beautiful artwork in Maxwell’s Restaurant window. It looks terrific! Members displaying are: Bonnie Rusinko, Carmen Davidson, Eunice Warfel, Karen Lentz, Katie DeGorter, Larry Lippi, Mark Hauge, Phil Joachim, Rusty Gray, Terry Runs, and Veronica Maldonado. Bonnie hopes you notice the large Viking standing guard. 47k Marketplace in Monroe on West Windsor Street will display your art for $15. p.m. at 30% commission. For more info, contact 47Kmarketplace.com

Have a great week, take time to smell the roses, schedule your COVID immunization, as well as your regular medical appointments, but most important, remember how much “fina” it is to wake up in Carolina.