MONROE — In April of 2020, Brenda Parson became a widow and sold her home in Charlotte. She purchased a home in Monroe and started her first business in remembrance of her late husband.

Parson lost her husband, Tyrone (Ty), in April to pneumonia. She didn’t want to give his suits and formal clothing away, but didn’t know what to do with them.

Wanting to give back to her community like she and her husband did together, she established a new business called Suitntye, where gently used suits, sport coats, men’s dress shirts, neckties and bow ties can be purchased at discounted prices.

Suitntye is located at 214 S. Hayne Street. It is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. but is closed on Sundays for workshops.

Parson said a recent customer purchased a gently worn suit, a new (with tags) shirt and necktie with a lapel flower for under $100.

When shopping at Suitntye, customers will see a variety of brands, including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Each gently worn item is taken to the dry cleaners before being displayed on the floor. Because store items are donated, sizing can present a challenge. She offers sizes from 38 regular to 48. At this time, she does not have big and tall sizing. Her goals for the store are to expand to include big and tall sizing, shoes, hats and in-store tailoring.

Inside the shop, there’s the main shopping area, and a fitting area that doubles as a workshop space that is used on Sundays. One of the workshops Parson offers is on how to tie a necktie and bow tie.

She thought getting suits would be challenging, whereas dress shirts and slacks would not; however, the opposite has turned out to be true. Parson published a social media post telling people to not bring in more suits because she had plenty to sell.

The motto at Suitntye is “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.” Meaning, customers will look good in new outfits that make them feel good and in turn, the shop can do community service projects.

Last Friday, Parson donated 50 neckties to students at Forest Hills High School who plan to wear them to job interviews. In addition, she plans to be a sponsor for sports teams at Monroe High School by providing neckties for male student-athletes to wear at scholarship/awards ceremonies and/or banquets.

Parson said the shop will try to do a community service project every month, but definitely every quarter. Before school started back, the store donated 50 backpacks filled with supplies to students.

For October, Suitntye is planning to host a breast cancer awareness walk and give a scholarship to a young woman entering the medical field.

Students can earn volunteer hours at the store helping organize inventory.

Parson is an alumna of Monroe High School. She lived in the area before living in Atlanta and Charlotte with Ty. Brenda and Ty moved to Charlotte in 2011.

While setting up the shop for a grand opening on Aug. 7, Parson’s cousin unknowingly dressed a mannequin in one of Ty’s suits — dress shirt and necktie, too. Parson said the coincidence is the reason why she believes her husband is looking down on her and smiling at her success.

“I think that his spirit is still with me and he is still watching over me,” Parson said.

If Ty could see the shop and what his widow has accomplished in the days since his passing, Parson believes he would tell her that she is doing a “good job and to keep pressing forward.”