WEDDINGTON — The Town of Weddington is looking into adding a Solid Waste service for residents.

According to the town, it is a “safer and lower-cost” service, because it will limit the number of high weight collection trucks on roadways and therefore increase safe traveling for pedestrians and cyclists in neighborhoods. It will create a cohesive look if everyone is on the same collection schedule having their trash bins out on one day rather than various days. The town says it will provide better quality of services and there could be negotiated lower annual overall costs for residents.

One trash bin will be given to a household. Solid Waste pick up will be weekly, and bi-weekly for recycling.

So far, the Town has three bids from Waste Connection, Active Waste and Waste Pro. Waste Connection’s bid is $197.88 per year, Active Waste’s bid is $164.40 per year and Waste Pro’s bid is $199.44 per year. These are current fee proposals per household. Once a contract is final, actual fee numbers will be communicated.

The fee will be included within a resident’s property tax bill.

Once a contract has been finalized, the town anticipates a start date of July 1, 2022.

Even if a resident does not want Solid Waste service, they will be charged for it, the Town of Weddington reports. They explained that charging everyone is how they are able to keep costs low.

The Town of Weddington reports that for additional waste services: “A la carte items will be available directly from the selected provider. Including, but not limited to, yard waste, back door service, bulk pick-up, and additional bins. Billing for additional services will be handled directly between the resident and the provider.”