Tyson Ride Share

Tracey Clyburn (pictured above) is a Monroe team member who participates in Tyson’s ride-share program. Clyburn said the program helps motivate her to be better for her teammates and others depending on her to get to work each day.

Tyson Foods said it is helping its team members address transportation issues by offering its Commute with Enterprise program. Tyson announced through a press release the ride-share program provides its employees with a low-cost way to commute to work.

According to the release, Tyson partnered with Commute Enterprise to create the ride-share program. The relationship has grown to include 26 Tyson Foods facilities since it began last year. The company said the program has helped more than 1,000 team members and estimates 4 million commuter miles have been saved.

Per the release, Enterprise works with each location to develop a plan where it groups employees based on where they live and the shifts they work.

Tyson said eight vans are running in the Monroe area.

Tracey Clyburn is a Monroe team member who participates in the program. Clyburn describes her experience with the program by saying, “Tyson has taught us to work together to get things done. When you’re a driver, you’re no longer thinking about yourself. But working together motivates me to be better for my teammates and those who depend on me to get to work each day.”

The program provides each group with a minivan, SUV or passenger van, along with maintenance and insurance. The participants share in the responsibilities, such as taking turns driving.

Another North Carolina participant said before the ride-share program she spent most of her evenings in the car during her 54 mile commute. Now, she said, she can spend that time doing other things, while only spending $25 per week.

Tyson said participants can save money by sharing the cost of renting the vehicle and gas, which it said costs between $15 and $25 on average per week.

“We’re always looking for ways to create a better experience for our team members as many live and work in rural America and face long commute times,” said Hector Gonzalez, head of labor and team member relations for Tyson Foods in the release. “This program gives them a reliable way to work while also helping them save money. It also helps offset the impact of higher fuel prices.”

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