By Staff Reports

Tyson Foods announced on Friday (Sept. 3) it will strengthen its benefits offered to fully vaccinated U.S. frontline team members.

Tyson Foods, which operates a plant in Union County, said effective January 1, 2022, fully-vaccinated team members can begin earning up to 20 hours of paid sick leave per year. The company said new hires would also receive one week of vacation after six months of employment.

“These measures are the latest examples of our ongoing efforts to make Tyson the most sought-after place to work, while reinforcing the importance team members’ health and safety,” said Johanna Söderström, the executive vice president and chief human resources officer of Tyson Foods, in a release.

The company reported in the release that the new policies are in addition to recent compensation improvements, including pay increases and other incentives as well as referral and signing bonuses.

Tyson said its average base pay plus benefits for its U.S. production workers is currently valued at more than $22 per hour. Tyson said this includes medical, vision and dental benefits. The company noted it has also added flexible work schedules at its production facilities and introduced health clinics at seven locations to allow easy and free access to health care.

The company said it continues to provide its U.S. workers with free, on-site access to COVID-19 vaccinations. According to the release, vaccination events are scheduled throughout the country to give all team members access to the vaccine in time for its November 1 deadline.

Additional efforts to reward fully vaccinated team members include a $200 as well as giving out more than $6 million in sweepstakes to incentivize vaccinations. The company said it is conducting an outreach campaign to educate and inform team members about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Tyson said its efforts are paying off with more than 75% (more than 90,000) of the company’s U.S. team members having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The company reported over 30,000 team members have been vaccinated since the company announced its requirement in early August.

Tyson Foods reports ways it is supporting its U.S. frontline workers during the vaccination process include: providing paid administrative leave for up to two weeks for employees who are fully vaccinated and test positive for COVID-19 over the next six months and compensating workers for time spent in educational sessions about the benefits and risks of the COVID vaccines.