Indian Trail and Unionville rank among the top 10 municipalities for most affordable places to live in North Carolina, according to a study released by Smart Asset last week.

Among the determining factors in the seventh annual study were housing cost, income, taxes, insurance and borrowing costs. Places where home ownership costs were lowest relative to the median income in each location were considered the most affordable.

Indian Trail ranks sixth in state in the study with an affordability index of 44.71. The index for Indian Trail includes statistics compiled for average closing costs ($2,671), annual property tax ($1,847), annual homeowners’s insurance ($1,377), average annual mortgage payment ($9,029) and median income ($83,905).

Unionville ranks ninth in the state with an index of 43.39 that includes: average closing costs of $2,267, annual property tax of $1,778, annual homeowner’s insurance of $1,364, average annual mortgage payment of $8,941 and a median income of $80,151.

Winterville ranks No. 1 in the study with an index of 50.66.

The median income for North Carolina is $54,602 with an average annual mortgage payment of $6,362. The most affordable places were those in which total housing costs were smallest compared to the median income in each area.

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