History will remember with reverence the officers wearing U.S. Capitol Police uniforms on Jan. 6, 2021, because they saved our democracy. On the contrary, the mob of violent protesters that injured more than 140 police officers, and killed at least one of them, are a disgrace to this country, and the worst of them are getting well-deserved prison time. If those out-numbered officers didn’t hold the line for hours with no backup, the mob probably would have murdered some of the nation’s elected officials. If that would have happened, the certification of the Presidential Election would have been successfully disrupted, and then President Donald Trump would have announced Martial Law, keeping him in power indefinitely. As a country, we all owe a debt of gratitude to those brave Capitol Police. Otherwise, we might now be living under an autocrat.

There have already been more 700 arrests. Fox News Contributor Leslie Marshall recently reported there were “approximately 1,000 assaults” on Jan. 6 and “there could be up to 2,500 people” arrested due to crimes committed during the Capitol Riot.

Thousands of emphatic Trump supporters answered the call to his divisive “Stop the Steal” rally that just so happened to fall on the day of the election certification, just down the street from the Capitol. He instructed his followers to march down to the Capitol and “fight like hell” or “you’re not gonna have a country anymore.” Trump lied to his rally-goers when he told them he would be joining them at the Capitol, then watched it on television with no regard for the health of the police officers being attacked, according to evidence gathered by the Select Committee.

Earlier this week, Republican Senator Ted Cruz called Jan. 6 “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson criticized Cruz for using the word “terrorist” and mocks the attack on the Capitol, implying that those who were deeply impacted by the attempted overthrow of our government as being soft and weak-minded.

If you question whether or not the Insurrection was orchestrated, ask yourself why Trump held a highly-publicized rally nearby on the same day Congress was ratifying President Joe Biden’s Election victory, and package that with why it took more than 3 hours for the national guard to show face while police officers were being beaten, tased and in the case of Officer Brian Sicknick, killed.

If you are a Capitol Riot denier, you probably also believe the Civil War wasn’t really about slavery, and other fake news like Pizzagate. Those conspiracy theorists are a lost cause. But Americans who put patriotism over party and trust the checks and balances the founding fathers put in place, have warmed up to the realization that Trump did indeed lose the election fair and square. But his fragile ego can’t accept that, so he’s selfishly done everything within his power to divide us. He’s the only U.S. President ever who didn’t concede when he was defeated.

Trump told us, when he was running in 2016, he would only accept the election results if he won. Should we be surprised Trump didn’t accept the election results when he lost in 2020? And if he knew there was corruption in the elections so far in advance, why couldn’t he fix it while he was in Office?

In this great nation, we don’t settle disputes on social media, we take it to a court of law. More than 60 different judges across the country, some of whom were appointed by Trump while he was President, ruled that his claims of widespread voter fraud had no proof. But even though Trump cannot prove the Big Lie, millions of his followers prefer to cling to conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately for some of Trump’s most die-hard supporters, they live with regret because their devotion has landed them in prison. The longest sentence issued to date went to Robert Palmer, who got more than 5 years (63 months) after a felony conviction for assaulting, resisting or impeding officers with a dangerous weapon. Palmer, a 54-year-old Floridian, eventually admitted to throwing a fire extinguisher at police twice, as well as a plank and a flag pole, according to a Washington Post report. During Palmer’s sentencing, Judge Tanya Chutkan chastised Palmer. “Look behind you,” Chutkan told Palmer in the courtroom, according the Post report. “Those are U.S. Marshals. They ran from this courthouse. They put themselves in danger to protect the occupants of the Capitol. That’s what they’re sworn to do. They’re the patriots. The people working in the Capitol that night, they are the patriots. Doing what they get paid to do, they didn’t know if they were going to come out of there alive that night.”

Every time a courageous police officer puts on his or her uniform, they know there’s a chance they could be injured or killed in the line of duty that day. The U.S. Capitol Police saved our democracy a year ago, and law enforcement officers across the nation help preserve our way of life every day. If you thank a military member in uniform for their service when you see them, that’s commendable — keep doing it. Don’t forget to do the same, though, when you cross paths with a police officer.

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