History will remember with reverence the officers wearing U.S. Capitol Police uniforms on Jan. 6, 2021, because they saved our democracy. On the contrary, the mob of violent protesters that injured more than 140 police officers, and killed at least one of them, are a disgrace to this country, and the worst of them are getting well-deserved prison time. If those out-numbered officers didn’t hold the line for hours with no backup, the mob probably would have murdered some of the nation’s elected officials. If that would have happened, the certification of the Presidential Election would have been successfully disrupted, and then President Donald Trump would have announced Martial Law, keeping him in power indefinitely. As a country, we all owe a debt of gratitude to those brave Capitol Police. Otherwise, we might now be living under an autocrat.

There have already been more 700 arrests. Fox News Contributor Leslie Marshall recently reported there were “approximately 1,000 assaults” on Jan. 6 and “there could be up to 2,500 people” arrested due to crimes committed during the Capitol Riot.

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