MONROE — A woman and her child were attacked by two dogs — a German Shepherd mix and a Rottweiler — on Monday afternoon (Oct. 4) at a school bus stop, according to information from City of Monroe Communications.

A female parent who was picking up her 5-year-old child to return home from Rocky River Elementary reported that a pair of dogs ran toward her and the child as the child exited the bus and began attacking them. They were bitten and scratched, according to the report. They were treated by Union EMS at the scene and did not require additional medical attention, per an email from City Communications.

The incident occurred in the 3400 block of Old Charlotte Highway.

As an officer with the Monroe Police Department arrived at the scene, they reported hearing a bus driver yelling about a woman and child being bit. The officer located both dogs. The officer reported that the German Shepherd mix continued to display aggressive behavior toward the officer, and the officer shot the German Shepherd mix. The Rottweiler attempted to escape but was caught and secured in a gate.

“Animal control officers arrived on the scene and collected the injured dog then spoke to the owner about the Rottweiler,” according to the report. Animal Control Officers confirmed “the dog was dead and that it would be sent off for testing,” the email states.

No charges have been filed against the owner of the dogs at this time. The investigation is ongoing.