MONROE — The NC House concurred with the NC Senate’s approval of NC’s budget appropriations bill — SB 105 on Nov. 18. Governor Cooper has signaled his intent to sign the budget. The legislation not only makes investments in education, infrastructure, health care and environment throughout North Carolina, but also makes those same investments locally.

In Union County, the NC budget provides more than $16 million toward education, including $15 million for South Piedmont Aseptic Training Facility and $1.2 million for Piedmont High School Athletic Facilities.

It will put nearly $60 million into local infrastructure, including: $35 million for Union County Yadkin Water Supply Ratepayer Support, $5.1 million for Wingate Economic Development Park, $8 million for Union County Wastewater Treatment Support and $10 million for Indian Trail Road Safety Improvements.

More than $5 million will go toward Community Services, including $1.3 million for Bridge to Recovery, $1.5 million for Food for Families Warehouse and $2.5 million for HELP Women and Child Resource Center.

For Public Safety, $80,000 will go for Swiftwater Rescue Boats and $100,000 will go to the Unionville Fire Department.

The NC Budget including $89,665,789 worth of investments in Union County.

In a joint statement, NC Senator Todd Johnson and NC House Representatives Dean Arp, Mark Brody, and David Willis stated:

“This budget is a good budget. In fact, this budget is historic and transformative for North Carolina. This budget is paying today for our children’s tomorrow — not our children’s future paying for our today. The Union County investments in North Carolina’s budget acknowledge the work and needs of many individuals serving our community. The funds provide grants for community services, critical water infrastructure support, public safety and education. It’s our honor to serve those serving our community at the ground level. This support will directly enhance the already great quality of life Union County residents enjoy.”