MONROE — It’s projects like the Morgan-Windsor Alley that are making downtown Monroe more of a destination place and building up night life in the area. Monroe City Council is discussing making the Alley a reality.

Dan Lambert, director of landscape architecture with John R. McAdams Company, Inc., provided council with information on how the alley would look and what it would feature. Lambert gave a presentation at council’s strategic planning meeting last week. McAdams offers civil engineering consulting, land planning, surveying, stormwater management, construction administration. etc.

The Morgan-Windsor Alley is planned to be a pedestrian plaza space connecting Morgan and Windsor streets complete with greenery, illuminated swings, seating, string lights, archways, an interactive fountain and art installations to create a space for visitors and residents to spend time together in downtown. The Alley will be large enough for food trucks to enter as well as fire trucks with ladders in case of an emergency. Transparent panels along the alley will divide the space into sections for privacy but maintaining security and safety at the same time, according to Lambert’s presentation.

The interactive fountain will have a singular spray feature similar to a splash pad, but not as large. It can either be manually operated or set to a timer. The fountain will help cool the space in the spring and summer, Lambert said.

To visualize the layout of the plaza, picture west Morgan Street running horizontally with Hayne and Main running parallel on either side (Hayne on the right and Main on the left) like a capital “H”. A brick building would have to be removed for Morgan Street to have a full connection to west Windsor. Parking is available in nearby public lots or parallel parking in the immediate vicinity.

Construction of the Morgan-Windsor Alley is intended to begin in December of this year and be completed by May of 2022. An estimated cost was not provided during the meeting.