Amy Erb

Amy Erb, a teacher at Stallings Elementary School, was told to go out into the parking lot by her principal last year because someone had hit her car. Instead, she was surprised by the Union County Education Foundation with a $750 grant to be used in her classroom.

MONROE — The Union County Education Foundation continues to supplement the learning experience by issuing grants to teachers through the LIFT program, which stands for Leadership and Innovation Funding for Teachers.

With a new school year underway, Executive Director Amy Sperry is combing the community for businesses and individuals who can help fund the LIFT program, which benefits students within the County.

Sperry points out that the program powered on “without interruption” last year despite the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Union County Education Foundation is a charitable organization “dedicated to mobilizing community and business support for all Union County Public Schools.”

To take advantage of the LIFT program, teachers must apply for a grant for an innovative project. The grants range between $750 and $1,500 and grant applications have to be submitted by the second Friday in September.

Teachers who received grants last year include: Joya Worthham (Prospect Elementary), Adam Hass (Rocky River Elementary), Regina Dill (South Providence), Amy Erb (Stallings Elementary), Melissa Cook (Union County Early College), William Thomas (Unionville Elementary) and Margaret Paladino (Walter Bickett Elementary).