MARSHVILLE — The Town of Marshville celebrated the opening of a fitness park on Friday morning (March 5) with Pilgrims Pride. The fitness park is located within the Marshville Municipal Park (820 Park Drive).

In December of 2022, Pilgrims Pride announced they would donate $50,000 to the town for the construction of a free fitness area that could be used by the community.

The park is part of a total $380,000 investment the company is putting into the town through their Hometown Strong program that meets a town’s immediate and long-term community needs.

Two donations — $35,000 each — are going to East Union Middle and Marshville Elementary to provide more digital access to students. East Union is expected to receive “portable monitors for teachers and access to Sora, an online digital library that provides students access to audio and e-books from school or home,” and Marshville Elementary is expected to receive “Interactive Smart Board panels for classrooms to improve digital learning capabilities,” the Enquirer-Journal reported in January.

Pilgrims Pride is one of the world’s largest poultry producers and “fully integrated” pork producers. It was established about 70 years ago. According to their website, ”nearly one out of every five chickens in the United States comes from Pilgrims.” They are located at 5901 W Marshville Blvd. in Marshville.