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Sanida Sabanija, pictured, has opened her second location for Adana Waxing Studio in Monroe across the street from Sun Valley High School. Her first studio opened in Concord in 2019.


Sanida Sabanija waited for years to expand her business, and that dream has now become a reality. Adana Waxing Studio has opened its second location in Monroe, across from Sun Valley High School, at 5124-J Old Charlotte Hwy.

Sabanija is the owner and operator of the Monroe location, which held its grand opening at the end of last October; she opened her first studio in Concord in 2019. Adana Waxing Studio offers full body hair removal, spray tanning, Brazilian waxing and eyelash alterations.

“I am over the moon excited,” Sabanija said. “I just see (Adana’s) succeeding so well in Monroe. I’m excited

to see its growth, meet the clients, and see what all we can do in there.”

Sabanija, a Concord resident, used to travel to Charlotte for waxing, and that gave her the idea that her hometown had a need. After researching the waxing industry, Sabanija spent three years developing a detailed business plan. She knew exactly how she wanted the store to present at opening.

She saw an opportunity in Union County as well, and that inspired her to open a second location in Monroe. Sabanija is living the American dream as a small business owner, and she appreciates this country offers. Along with her parents and siblings, she immigrated to the United States from Bosnia and Herzegovina — a European Balkan country — in 1999. An apartment in Charlotte was their first residence in America.

The family soon had to endure a tragedy. Her father, Kadrija Pajic, was killed in a car accident in March 2000, leaving a gaping hole in Sabanija’s heart. She said her father was her hero. He was an entrepreneur, too, and his example helped her develop good work habits at an early age. Sabanija dedicated the Monroe location to her father’s memory.

“He was a hard-working person,” Sabanija said. “It made me think about how far he would he have come if he was still alive. I know he would be proud, and he would be excited to see this happen.”

Sabanija’s first job in America was working in a food freezer, and then she got a job at Liberty Tax Service as a translator. Shortly after that, at the age of 16, she was hired by The Cato Corporation as a sales associate, and worked there for 11 years.

She said working for Cato was a great learning experience, and compared it to going to business school. She learned about profit/loss, expense reports and other business metrics, and benefitted from the guidance of several mentors. One of her mentors, Bob Williams, showed her the finer details of how to hire people and form a team of reliable employees.

“You don’t get that (mentoring) in any business school,” Sabanija said. “It was knowledge that I definitely will cherish for the rest of my life that has helped me grow.”

After she left the company, she got married and started a family. She took classes at Central Piedmont Community College before opening a licensed in-home daycare center. It allowed her to work from home. It also gave her experience running a business before she opened the first Adana Waxing Studio.

Sabanija’s road to business ownership is a source of pride. She considers the opening of the Monroe location as a milestone in her life.

“I think it’s going to be exciting as long as we get the word out,” Sabanija said. “I think once people realize that we’re there, I just can’t wait to meet everyone and see their reactions.”

Adana’s Waxing Studio is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m., and on Sundays from noon until 6 p.m. To book an appointment, go to the website at or email Sabanija at

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