Well, here we are, all set to celebrate the magical holiday in beautiful, historic Waxhaw — decorated to the hilt. Like a Christmas Wonderland, as usual. All the shops add to what the Town has already done to create such a special place. MONA, right on Main Street, has the loveliest sled set up on the sidewalk to add to the beauty!

Remember, Saturday, Nov. 27, is “Small Business Saturday.” So shop locally! If it is anything like last Saturday, Waxhaw will be busy! You have such wonderful selections to buy that “perfect gift” for your favorite person. Stay in Waxhaw this Saturday and shop locally.

Friday, Dec. 3, is the Christmas Potluck Party in Waxhaw, Saturday, Dec. 4, from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. is the Holiday Festival of Light, and the Kids Nativity Painting Class, with the Christmas Parade on Dec. 12, from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. If you need some help getting into the Christmas spirit, Waxhaw is the place to be this month!

Hannukah begins this week, also! 8 days of celebrating, and remembering the wonder of the history of it. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Despite the Pandemic interfering with our normal routines for the past year and a half, we, as Americans have so much to be thankful for!

Congratulations to Union Academy’s girls volleyball team for winning North Carolina’s 1A State Championship. Team member Gaby Game was honored with the North Carolina Sportsmanship Award, and Anna Ungerer was honored with the Most Valuable Player Award. Coach Brooke Hill has truly demonstrated her talents in the two years she has been on the staff at UA. Under Brooke’s guidance and leadership, the girls worked together very diligently to attain the State title. You go Union Academy girls!

The Town of Waxhaw has announced that their annual leaf clean-up will begin shortly, and continue through January of 2022. All streets within the Town will be vacuumed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until January. The Town uses Fridays to work in other necessary areas and projects. But there are rules and regulations. Only leaves are accepted — no tree branches, or litter, etc., that could hinder the operation of their machinery. Storm drains should be kept clear, as the leaves and debris can clog them. This project services in excess of 6,600 homes, and your expectations may not always be met because of the size of this undertaking. If you should want more information, call the Public Services Department at 704-843-7439.

The Rotary Wreath Fundraising will deliver their wreaths next Saturday, Dec. 4, at a local shopping center to be announced. If you ordered and prepaid for a wreath, you will be notified!

The Storefront Theatre will present their December play at the Museum of the Waxhaw’s next weekend. For more information, email Judy Simpson Cook @judysimpsoncook@carolina.rr.com Storefront has truly been missed by all the regular audience members during the Pandemic. Well, it’s back. Tickets are $15. Enjoy

Last weekend I had the most wonderful surprise! My friend, Kathy Albrecht, from New York, called and asked “what was I doing tomorrow,” and I said, “probably watching football.” Kathy then said, “Well, I’m coming to Waxhaw to see you.” I was elated, to say the very least! Sure enough, at 10:15 a.m., Kathy rang my doorbell! We had a wonderful day! She was so anxious to see Waxhaw, after hearing so many wonderful things about it. So, after we went to the Mule Barn, the Bead Merchants, MONA, we ate lunch at Maxwell’s, walked across the bridge, and stopped to see the fabulous Military Wall of Honor. She agreed with me about how great Waxhaw is, and anxious to return to see even more.

While eating lunch at Maxwell’s, I recognized WCNC 4 p.m. News Commentator, “Bill,” sitting at the next table! I could not resist telling him I recognized him, and he, so gracious, came over to say a few words. After expressing our pleasure in his presentations, he thanked me, and we all departed.

The “Groundbreaking for our new Waxhaw Library” has been called very successful, and all those in attendance certainly seemed happy for it to have occurred! Just thrilling to know in the future sometime soon, Waxhaw will have a brand new library! Libraries never go out of style. You know, in the past, a group of activists thought the New York City Public Library should be done away with. If you have not seen it, it is a very magnificent, stately, building. It is very large, to a young child it may be a bit frightening, but, once one knows what a library represents, you would love it. Let me tell you, other activists got to work to save one of New York’s most historical places, and they succeeded. Everybody needs a library, no matter where you live. We also should not forget the value and importance of librarians! They are very helpful, too!

Can’t help but admit I was disappointed the Panthers lost to Washington last Sunday. But I was very happy to see Ron Ravera looking so well. I don’t think I have ever seen him look that healthy! Also, true to his kindness, and leadership, he greeted his past team members with such warmth!

Have a great week, schedule your medical appointments, but most important, remember how much ‘fina’ it is to wake up in Carolina.