Jennifer White

Jennifer White is pictured with her sons.

MARSHVILLE — The town of Marshville is mourning the death of a mother who didn’t get to see her 30th birthday.

On Feb. 23, a fatal car crash took the life of a young mother to three small children. The crash happened at around 12:45 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 74 and S White Street, according to a report provided by the Marshville Police Department.

Jennifer Renee White, 29, of Marshville, was traveling north on S White Street when Isiah Michael Angelo Sturdivant, 19, of Polkton, was traveling east on Highway 74 in the inside left lane. A third vehicle was stopped for the stop light on the outside westbound lane of Highway 74.

Sturdivant entered the intersection, failing to stop for the red traffic signal, according to the report. Sturdivant and White’s vehicles collided with Sturdivant’s hitting near White’s front driver side quarter panel. This caused White’s car to hit the third driver on the rear driver side quarter panel. White’s car stopped beside a curb on the westbound lanes of Highway 74 facing north, according to the police report.

Sturdivant’s vehicle “spun counterclockwise” and faced west when it stopped, the police report states.

White drove a 2005 Nissan sport utility vehicle. The estimated amount of damage done to her car is $10,000, per the police report. Sturdivant drove a 2011 Chevrolet passenger car. and the estimated cost of damage is $7,000. Both cars were not drivable after the accident.

White was unresponsive when Emergency Services arrived. She was flown to Atrium Health Main where she was pronounced dead due to injuries she suffered from the accident.

Sturdivant was taken to Atrium Health Union by Emergency Services.

Since White’s premature death, Marshville residents have posted to a What’s Up Marshville group on Facebook. So far, residents have offered to make custom decals in memory of White and proceeds will be donated to White’s family. Also, a memorial in front of the First Citizens Bank in Marshville was organized by residents. Sarah Tyson, a relative of White, is raising money for White’s family by selling t-shirts for $20. Donations are also being collected in a jar at the Wagon Wheel restaurant, where White was an employee.