Here it is the first week of “Women’s History Month.” Where would we be without the fabulous women who have changed the world into a better place? Congratulations to all women all over the world.

Union County’s schedule of “Right-of-Way Clearing” for the month of March will include: Crow Road, Doster Road, Forest Springs Drive, Foxworth Drive, Hollow Tree Lane, John Baker Road, North rocky river Road, Porter Drive, Red Maple Drive, Roscoe Howey Road, Rushing Road, South Potter Road, South rocky River Road, Tinah Lane, Tom Laney Road, Waxhaw Highway, Weddington Road, Wildwood Road, Willoughby Road, Willoughby Woods Drive, and Wind Carved Lane.

Union Power Cooperative’s “Carolina Country,” wrote about investing in local communities by offering $1,000 scholarships to 10 high school seniors who will be chosen from the five-county service area. All applications must be postmarked or emailed by March 19, 2021. For more information go to

In 1973, a woman in Chicago, Karen Autenrieth, lost her wedding ring in the snow at her grandmother’s house. Although the couple searched through the snow hoping to find the ring, to no avail. In 2021, the woman who now resides in what was Karen’s grandmother’s home, listed on Facebook that she discovered a ring 6 years ago. She notified two historians in Chicago, telling them her wish to return it the rightful owner. The historians did what they do best, search genealogy sites as well as archives, and they found Karen and her husband Robert. The initials on the wedding ring read “RA to K.B. 4/16/66.” The couple will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary this coming April. A happy ending!

Nick Dyer, founder of Rosewater Service Corps., a senior citizen who picks up and delivers groceries for 90 year old Barbara Matthews. Not realizing Nick was more than a delivery person, but soon realized that was not so, he had become a friend of the 90 year old, and under these dire circumstances, Barbara looked forward to seeing him when he arrived at her house. She was waving to him as she looked out the window awaiting his arrival. While getting to know one another Barbara told Nick that she survived the bombing of London in WWII. Barbara was happy for Nick’s arrival, and Nick was happy she appreciated him. I tell you, it’s amazing how negative things can bring out the wonders of the human race.

The National Kidney Services is a charitable organization which supports the National Kidney Foundation; it provides services for kidney patients all around North Carolina. You can donate clothing, household items you longer need, and magazines, too. You can contact them at 704-393-5780, or 866-408-6464, or visit

On Saturday, March 6, beginning at 10 a.m. the Union County Entrepreneurs reopens the “Open Air Market” in Mineral Springs until 3 p.m. Vendors will have their tents set up in the parking lot. More info can be obtained from Karen at 704-219-8765.

Texas is still hurting, but help is on the way, and has been from the beginning. If you think of anyway you can help the people who are flooded out of their homes, try it. It’s a great feeling to know you helped someone in need. When one young male Texan realized the severity of the storm, he brought out what he calls “The Beast,” a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado, with chains and hooks to rescue stranded motorists. He not only rescued them from the storm, he got them either home, or to work safely. Some health-care workers wouldn’t have gotten to work without Ryan Sivley, coming to their aid. By the time his rescue mission was complete, he had gotten more than 400 people out of harm’s way. One 82 year old woman, isolated at home without electric or water, was saved by Sivley. His family reports there was no other way out for her. Thanks to a young hero, many were saved.

Well, golf is back in season, and last week’s tournaments were great to watch during isolation. This week’s will be surely as entertaining. It’s an amazing game, for patient people! I love to watch it.

Have a great week, take time to smell the roses, be sure to get your vaccine for COVID-19, and any other medical care you may require, but most important, remember how much “fina” it is to wake up in Carolina.