MONROE — Union County Public Schools’ (UCPS) weekly COVID-19 dashboard report, which shows the number of positive and quarantined cases for students and staff, revealed a dramatic jump in cases last week.

Based on the report for the week of Sept. 6- Sept. 10, the total number of people quarantined is up to 7,385 and the number of total positive cases is 479 — up from 337 the week before.

These totals include district wide, in-person students and staff members. Last week, the number of people quarantined was 5,410 for an increase of 1,975.

At the elementary level, 2,658 students and 107 staff are quarantined. Over 150 students tested positive and 13 staff tested positive. That’s 15.3% of elementary students and staff, the dashboard shows.

In middle schools, 2,224 students are quarantined as well as 41 staff members. More than 110 middle school students tested positive and five staff.

Among high schools, 2,271 students are quarantined and 59 staff. Over 180 high school students tested positive as well as eight staff members.

In the central office, 25 staff members are quarantined and four staff members tested positive, according to the dashboard.

UCPS does not require masks, while roughly 95% of the districts in the state are requiring masks in schools, according to a report from N.C. Governor Roy Cooper’s Office.