MONROE — During a two-day compliance investigation of 61 registered sex offenders within Union County, law enforcement made three arrests, according to a release from the Union County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday (Sept. 30).

Registered sex offenders Alexander Bender, Raheem Mcdowell, and Stanley Neal were arrested for criminal charges related to their failure to comply with sex offender registry restrictions, specifically, failure to change their home address and failure to return address verification letters. The investigations into other non-compliant offenders are still ongoing at this time and additional criminal arrests are likely, according to the release.

The investigations took place on Aug. 18-19 of 2021, and was conducted by members of the Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO), the United States Marshals Service and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. According to UCSO, the purpose of this operation was to conduct compliance checks on convicted sex offenders living within Union County. Defendants convicted of any registerable sexual offense are required by law to register with the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office handles all matters pertaining to registered sex offenders on a daily basis, including performing compliance checks and making criminal arrests as needed.

The compliance checks determined that most registered sex offenders were found to be in compliance with their restrictions no violations of criminal law were found.

“Our deputies work hard to ensure the safety of our community by conducting these unannounced compliance checks,” said Sheriff Eddie Cathey in a statement. “These offenders should always be aware that we at the Union County Sheriff’s Office may show up at any time to ensure they are within their lawful restrictions.”