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The number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in North Carolina has jumped significantly lately, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

There were 3,294 new cases confirmed in the state on Wednesday (Dec. 8), compared to the 2,104 cases confirmed on Tuesday (Dec. 7) and the 2,101 confirmed on Monday. The lowest daily report for new confirmed cases in N.C. over the past month is 1,041 on Nov. 28, and the peak of 3,780 was on Dec. 2. The first four days of December were all above 3,000 new cases per day, per DHHS.

Union County has averaged about 73 new cases per day over the past two weeks. Over a 14-day period from Nov. 24 through Dec. 7, Union County had 1,031 new COVID-19 cases confirmed, according to a report by The New York Times.

Union County’s had at least 38,810 confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to dashboard at; that’s about 15.5% of the County’s population of roughly 250,000.

There have been 374 confirmed deaths from the highly-contagious COVID-19 virus since the first County death was confirmed 19 months ago on April 9, 2020, according to UC Government.

UC Government estimates 52% of Union County’s residents are now fully vaccinated against the virus. The County dashboard reports 42 residents currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, and 937 active cases.

North Carolina, which has more 10.5 million residents, has confirmed 1,558,510 cumulative COVID cases as of Dec. 8 at noon, per DHHS, and there have been 18.923 COVID-related deaths in the state.

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