The number of newly reported COVID-19 cases in North Carolina has more than doubled over the past three days, according to N.C.s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

As of Tuesday (Aug. 10) at noon, DHHS reported there were 2,985 new cases in the state, and on Friday DHHS reported the number of new cases was up to 6,628.

Over those same three days, 58 residents of North Carolina have died from the virus. Over a span of roughly 16 months, 13,826 North Carolinians have reportedly died from COVID 19.

The number of residents in the state who are currently hospitalized due to COVID has also increased over the past three days, from 2179 on Tuesday to 2,483 on Friday, per DHHS.

About 50.4% of the nation has now been fully vaccinated for COVID, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Across the nation, more than 10,072 Americans were hospitalized with COVID over a 7-day stretch from Aug. 4-10, which was an increase of 29.6% from the week before (7,771), according to the CDC. During the same 7-day stretch, 492 Americans died from the COVID, an increase of 21% from the week before (407).

Since the pandemic reached the United States, more than 616,000 people have died from COVID, the CDC reports.

The CDC recommends getting vaccinated even if you’ve had COVID-19, and the organization released data on Aug. 11 stating COVID vaccination is safe and recommended for pregnant women.