MONROE — Lee Park Church held a prayer vigil for healthcare workers, people suffering from COVID, families who have lost loved ones to COVID, the community’s well being and for community leaders on Wednesday night (Sept. 22). The outdoor event was held in front of Atrium Health Union (600 Hospital Drive) with at least 150 people in attendance.

Mandy Singleton, spiritual care and education with Atrium Union, started the vigil by thanking everyone for attending. She shared what it has been like for healthcare workers at the hospital.

“It is like a war zone in there,” she said. She the last 18 months have felt like support for the frontlines of a battlefield. She is worried about her teammates because “they are on that battlefield every day over and over.”

Continuing, she said hospital nurses and staff are strong, and passionate about their jobs. “They are heroes in my eyes.”

Speaking to the crowd, Singleton said, “Thank you does not being to say enough, but that‘s all I’ve got and I appreciate all of you — each and every one of you. I know they feel it and I feel the love y’all have for us and we love you back and can’t tell you how much we appreciate each and every one of you. God bless each of y’all.“

Chris Justice, senior pastor of Lee Park Church, said several prayers. Before each one, attendees were given a moment to pray individually in silence.