Senior makes plea to governor for a graduation ceremony

An open letter to Governor Roy Cooper:

I’m Evan, a senior at Piedmont High School in humble Union County. My senior year certainly isn’t ending how I, nor any other senior thought it might. Right now we are missing the simple things: those long walks between classes, being told to keep our voices down, walking with our friends after school to practice, forgetting to turn in an assignment, seeing that one teacher or friend that we always felt ourselves with, laughing so hard that we started to cry, cramming for that test everyone and their second-cousin said was hard, hoping the teacher will forget about that quiz they had mentioned the other day and so many other little things. However, those little things throughout the day have truly morphed into a larger memory of my four years at Piedmont. It wouldn’t have been the same without them.

A little thing that I am missing right now is being swung around by friend Kaitlyn as we walked past each other at the end of the day making our way to practice. And those practices when we sat on a bench and talked instead of running.

Though we may never get to experience those memories again, all I ask of you is to allow my class to have some semblance of a normal graduation. We don’t want to drive in a line to be told the best part of our lives so far is now over; we want to walk the same line that generations before us have. We want to move that tassel right to left with each other.

Please allow my fellow graduates and myself to walk in a graduation ceremony. Of course, I ask this with the understanding that there should be restrictions on the ceremony, such as each graduate being six feet from one another, limits on the guests that may come and other guidelines.

All I ask of you is to allow the graduating class of 2020 to be like any other class ... just one more time.

Best wishes,

Evan Martino

2427 Silverthorne Dr.

Monroe, NC